Panel of Experts considers proposals

Following the 30 July meeting of the panel of experts overseeing the deconstruction of the City of Adelaide the Scottish Maritime Museum issued a press release which says in part:

‘The panel were briefed on a number of approaches that had been made to the Museum concerning the future of the vessel. None of the approaches had, as yet, demonstrated that they had sufficient funding to undertake the removal of the vessel from Irvine. The Chairman of the Museum Trustees, Sam Galbraith said that he and his colleagues welcomed all serious approaches to obtain the vessel but underlined the requirement that the Trustees would only consider fully funded schemes that demonstrated that the vessel would be removed from its slipway to a specific timescale. In the meantime the work of the Panel of Experts was focused solely on the need to provide an operational plan for the deconstruction of the vessel in order to meet the conditions of North Ayrshire’s planning approval.’

Details of the timescale for the planned deconstruction work, and therefore the time available for fund raising, is not yet clear.

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